( Individual )

Gina Goldberg Yoga is a holistic modality which uses yoga postures,

breathing exercises, meditation, guided imagery, intuition and conversation

to improve mental, emotional and physical health.

Private sessions are particularly suited to those who are:

*New to yoga

*Wanting to develop a personal practice

*Unable to attend group classes

*Time restricted

*Recovering from injury

*Dealing with progressive conditions

*Interested in stress reduction techniques

*Looking to address special needs

From its origin, Yoga was taught by one teacher to one student.

For this reason, private sessions are ideal for those wanting to begin a practice,

explore yoga more deeply or refine their practice. It provides the opportunity for personalized instruction, tailored to suit individual abilities and interests and enables specific needs to be addressed.

Sessions are held in the comfort and convenience of your home and can be booked as a regular ongoing appointment or a series of sessions.

All sessions are tailored to your own unique individual needs. 

( Small-Executive-Corporate )

Yoga in the workplace is way more common than ever before. The business model is shifting to include mind body modalities, focusing on "meaningful" benefits which are based in employee's long term quality of life. Research has shown, as well as common sense, that if staffers feel more of a work-life balance, they are better able to manage stress, anxiety, depression and physical issues. They become happier and more productive. This will have a powerful impact on overall culture, performance and costs. 

Offered to interns, it is a way of helping them integrate into the fold with a calm and clear demeanor. Any first for a young person will typically include some performance anxiety. During the holidays, it's a great way to show appreciation by gifting your team with a yoga package. Recognizing a job well done on a project that improved the company's revenue or made an impact in their industry is another opportunity to offer a yoga session to show gratitude. 

Classes are tailored to the group and can be specific to their jobs or just all around feel good kind-of practice. Sessions are held in the comfort and convenience of your office and can be booked as a regular ongoing appointment or a series of sessions.