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“I participated in Gina’s yoga retreat. The words that come to mind are WOW and WONDERFUL. Gina has a magic to her that must be experienced to feel. She has a special ability to read energy and is spot on. Without judgement, she encourages honest self exploration that leads to a truly amazing take away. A real and raw wholehearted experience. I can’t wait for the next one”.

-Heidi U.


"When my sister suggested I take a private with Gina I felt like I would be looked at too closely or that my practice would be judged in some way. That could not have been further from the truth. I was met by a warm and kind person who was more interested in who I am than how good my poses are. We ended up practicing and talking which was an amazing and unexpected experience. Moving my body helped me to unlock some pent up fears and Gina skillfully helped me understand that connection. I am so appreciative for her gifts and for creating a place for me to feel safe to explore my limitations. 

Ellen P.


"I became a novice yoga student of Gina's at a time when I needed to still the "quiet riot" in my mind. A close friend recommended her and said, "You won't be disappointed." Little did I initially realize that as I learned and practiced with Gina, I naturally began to also expand and deepen my self-awareness. She is truly a gifted and compassionate teacher who will patiently and safely take you from wherever you are and support you with the skills, knowledge and resources you need to grow in body and mind."

-Gayle Y.

"At my neurologist’s request, I began taking private classes with Gina to help with my degenerative condition. After a few short months, I feel that our time has been a great benefit. Not only does Gina have a keen intuitive sense, but her warmth and compassion have made a big difference. While she is there to help me find more balance and strength, and does so with tremendous skill, her friendliness and patience has helped me learn to be that way towards myself. I look forward to our sessions and feel better because of them. She even leaves all the props at my home so that I can practice on my own. I am grateful for yoga and for what Gina has given me."


"I have been practicing Yoga for many years. After a recent injury, I thought it might be wise to take a private lesson to help me rehab. At the suggestion of a friend, I called Gina and we met at my home. We spoke for awhile and together we created a class that addressed my needs. Gina emphasized that being patient with my desire to heal was key to the healing itself. She guided me very slowly in stretching exercises as well as targeting range of motion type of postures. Gina focused a lot on breathing practices which helped me remember that I don’t usually breath efficiently and thoughtfully. I can sincerely say that with Gina’s knowledge and sixth sense, I am gradually coming back in a more balanced way."

-Bill S.

"Im not sure I can adequately express my gratitude for Gina's honesty and ability to know where my issues stem from. I never thought about forgiveness or compassion toward myself and her suggesting I do that and teaching me ways to access these qualities has been life changing. If you are not going anywhere through therapy you need to spend time with Gina. She's awesome. I'm so grateful"

Suzanne G.

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